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Our original location is in the heart of Richmond’s historic Fan neighborhood.  Spoonbread Bistro Deux is located in the popular Short Pump area

Spoonbread Bistro – The Fan
  • 2526 Floyd Avenue, Richmond, VA
  • (804) 359-8000
Spoonbread Bistro Deux – Short Pump
  • 3416 Lauderdale Dr, Richmond, VA
  • (804) 360-7900
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Do not leave reservation request on this form. To make a reservation you may call 804-359-8000 for the Fan location or 804-360-7900 for our Short Pump location. You may also make a reservation by clicking the “reservations” tab and picking which location you would like to dine at.

Parties of 5 or more can not make a reservation online, it is required that you call the location that you would like to dine at.